Monday, July 19

Central Library, Edinburgh

The Central Library in Edinburgh was opened in 1890 after a donation from Andrew Carnegie started a movement to open a free library to the public. The library originally had three departments coordinated by, Hew Morrison, the Principal Librarian at the time. The departments are as follows: the Reference Library, the Lending Library and a News Room from which the public had to request items. Later Ernest Savage developed other departments in the 1930's such as a local History Department, a Music Library and an Art Library. Recently the Children's Department has expanded and moved into the building next door.
The library used the Library of Congress classification except for the Children's Library which uses the Dewey Decimal System. The library also offers an index card catalog for those who prefer and if you are looking for large print. With over 850,000 items that can be borrowed the libraries collection has books for all ages and taste. The library also offers free internet, free study space and also community meeting spaces.
The Central Library also indulges those who fancy local history and heritage. The Edinburgh Room contains a very comprehensive collection on Edinbugh, and was the first local studies department in the country. The collection has over 100,000 items including books, photos, maps, census reports and more.
The library has many programs for their patrons as well. Such as:
Author Events - these events are held once a month and highlight Scottish Authors.
Book Groups - Currently there are 38 book groups running in the Edinburgh Libraries.
Monthly reading themes - March's theme was Crime in the City.
Online Training Programs - This program is for the staff but it helps the staff to communicate to the public about their reading habits, so they can better assist them.
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